The energy demand is constantly increasing. On the other hand, environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming are increasing as well.  Although some protocols have been constituted to decrease use of hydrocarbons and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases, the issue still keeps its actuality, and new forms of clean power productions are needed.

Boğaziçi University Renewable Energy Technology Research Lab (BURET) was founded in 2015 with financial support from ISTKA. The research group is working on renewable energy technologies. The initial aim was to develop environmentally friendly and cost efficient techologies to convert low grade heat into mechanical work. In the laboratory, there is an Organic Rankine Cycle Test System (10kWe), a parabolic trough collector, and a low speed wind tunnel to simulate evaporative cooling.

We are currently carrying out various experimental and numerical studies on temperature and working fluid selection for ORC, performance optimization of an ORC system, radial inflow turbine design, and concentrated solar power system applications.


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